A week of sorrows

Saturday – I accidentally delete a scene from the film I’m working on. This just means redoing about 4 hours of work. Sunday – I have a headache. Then while we’re at church in the evening, our house is robbed of more than $8000 worth of stuff. Monday – I’m in a daze because I … [Read more…]

And the Oscar goes to…

I read the Oscar nominations today. I just can’t get over some of the nominations – hilarious! That guy from 90210. That chick from Pirates of the Caribbean. A song called “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” You know what this means don’t you? It means that there is a chance for me to … [Read more…]

Lady in the Water

I’m so stoked! We are not of this world. (is “stoked” outdated? if it is, great! it’s time for a comeback – like fab! weirded out! groovy! and perhaps the most tubular of them all: gnarly!)

I got stuck in a DVD vortex

Went to town-killer tonight to see if there were any good headphones there, there weren’t. But Wal-Mart has this three foot deep bin full of $7.88 DVDs. Of course, when you’re as addicted as I am to owning all good films on DVD, you must see every title. I realized and pondered my own addictive … [Read more…]


It’s beginning. I’m tackling the monstrosity of producing a documentary. The bike trip is too important not to edit well and share with others. My goal is to submit it to a film festival this fall. I have completed 5 of 9 interviews so far and I’ve captured all of the video footage from the … [Read more…]

Cards, Kydds, Cinema, Cardiovascular

Alan, Randy and Nic came out Saturday and we enjoyed homemade mint ice cream, sparkling French grape juice and my new game courtesy of 5040 Garnier. It took us a while to get into the groove of the game because it’s so new to us. I’ve downloaded a computerized version of Tarot (not the tea … [Read more…]


Saw Napoleon Dynamite. The anticipation was as good as the movie. I hope Garden State is as good. I made apricot sorbet tonight. It’s pretty sweet. Amber is really impressed with it, and really, that’s what matters. I faxed my contract to Living Waters Academy this afternoon. We are moving to Edmonton. I am a … [Read more…]

Thumb bash

I watched The Exorcist for the first time last night. Interesting career possibilities. It wasn’t as suspenseful as Psycho which I watched for the first time on the weekend. Amber bashed her thumb in the car door quite efficiently on the way to a soccer game on Sunday. I’m trying to convince her to lance … [Read more…]

Ester Buck is sick

Just six months until The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition DVD is released. Patience precious. Our car is in the garage. The ache of a broken car. I remember stopping at a gas station in Red Deer with my first car just after registering it. I was driving it … [Read more…]