A Personal Update: Zaak aged 37 and 1/4

I’m involved in a lot of stuff. A lot. So I haven’t been a mental state to articulate thoughts on my experiences in Africa, recent beer tasting, cohousing activities, educational philosophy, political musings, musical tastes, and Christian thought. At least not on this blog. I have been in conversation about all of these things on … [Read more…]

Conservatives “Economic Stability” and e

I read in the Calgary Herald earlier this week that the priorities of my Conservative MP Diane Ablonczy are “the economy and stability.” Considering conservative policy on the economy (deregulation, privatization, lower taxes, fewer tariffs, foreign investment and ownership, etc.), this seems like the worst way to promote stability. I think Ablonczy should simply say … [Read more…]

Teaching Calculus

This year I picked up Math 31 in my teaching assignment. It is an introductory course to calculus that only students with a: high post secondary ambitions b: a love of math c: lots of spare time consider taking. All of my students fit into categories a and b. I’ve loved the challenge and content … [Read more…]

Facebook Forced Me

25 random things about me. If you’ve been tagged on FACEBOOK, then you’re supposed to make a list too. 1. I miss having long hair. 2. I am currently in the middle of 10 books. 3. I am a very slow reader. 4. Since April 15, 2007, I have watched 299 movies and have blogged … [Read more…]

I’m 100000

I’ve gained one more digit in binary today. It’ll be another 32 years before I get another and it took 16 to get this one. The fact that 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 32 makes 32 a better number than 30 (or 31 for that matter). Interesting note on a … [Read more…]

One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop Per Child is a project that has been in the making for 40 years. The concept involves a sophisticated, economical, durable laptop that can be placed in the hands of every child on earth. The current laptop prototype: costs $100 366 Mhz processor built-in video camera/mic/speaker 1 megapixel swivel screen flash hard drive … [Read more…]

Bound for the Grove

We have been accepted to rent an apartment in Spruce Grove this fall. It will be smaller than the huge place we have now, but that will give us the opportunity to shake some of our materialistic headspace in exchange for a simple home. We know we will only be in Spruce Grove for one … [Read more…]