600 Posts

At 600 posts, I feel pretty good about myself and my commitment to writing (albeit unprofessionally) on a regular basis. It’s also pretty handy to go back and review the years and trips and anecdotes that made it onto Zaakistan: The Blog. Thanks to you readers, especially those who leave comments and have blogs of … [Read more…]

Corporate Director

Dragonfly Cohousing, our intentional community that is planning a building project in Calgary, is in the process of incorporating. I volunteered to be one of the four directors just so I could blog about being a director of a corporation. I don’t think I have any special duties (this is what I was led to … [Read more…]

Stone Age Tournament

This post is about 3 weeks late. On New Years Eve four men traveled all the way from Saskatchewan to challenge me and Amber to a Stone Age tournament. (The proceeded to Banff Nat’l Park for some winter fun afterwards). Blaise warmed the boys up with some Jr. Monopoly while I finished making curry. I … [Read more…]

Acadia’s Favorites

Colour: Gold with green and purple sparkles Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus Food: SpaghettiShow: Toopy and BinooAnimal: Baby Turtle Outdoor Activity: Playing Soccer with her Pink Soccer BallIndoor Activity: Playing with her Brother

New Cohousing Name

We have been involved with cohousing for about a year now and have since become associate members and then equity members. A couple weeks ago our group, Whiskeyjack Cohousing, merged with Silver Sky Cohousing to form a new group. At our meeting last Sunday, we chose a new name. Prior to the meeting, we were … [Read more…]

Airport Geocaching

While waiting in Kelowna airport on a layover on my way to Calgary, my buddy Mike was waiting in Calgary airport on a layover. We connected over Facebook and started chatting. We discovered that I was going to arrive about 5 minutes after he left. I asked him if he was into hiding something in … [Read more…]