This American Life

Yesterday I completed a years long journey backward in time. My friend Jenn recommended that I check out the podcast of This American Life back in 2012. I checked it out a few months later during summer vacation and then began listening to it regularly during my commutes to work which involved walking and riding … [Read more…]


Tonight . . . paparazzi fireflies lie in waiting in the hedge the moon smiles like a Cheshire cat, casting jet black shadows on the charcoal ground beneath a cloud ceiling, behind a mountain wall, a couple makes sparks where the thunder is distant angels linger around Orion’s belt, glistening


excitedmenacingpounding the mudcakes off your shoes“listen” say your eyes“it is my turn”“i’ve been busy”“open your curtains, no secrets now”“have you got any lemons?”your forehead veins pulse and bulgethis is serious when you’ve stopped insistingwhen i can recollect my thoughtsi see through your veilyou’ve recoiled and i knowyou don’t really mean itit was all a showof … [Read more…]

Under Two Nights

LAST NIGHT PUTTING THE GOATS IN loafing giants with dandruff on their tuxedossilently hunch, munching on pineswe can sneak up on themwe can sneak up them their heads are clearthey’re listening to godthey humthey munchGod Gleams we fade to feelwe fade to glow TONIGHT PUTTING THE GOATS IN The ground is wet and the goatshave … [Read more…]