700 Posts

Blogging has slowed down a bit, but I’m still here. The last hundred posts were dominated by my tour of churches, my local church involvement, cohousing, marathon training, boardgaming, beer tastings, political musings, travel and of course my family. Thanks for reading!!

Move #8 in 12 Yrs

Last night we moved into a rental home in the community of Varsity in Calgary. It’s probably the easiest move I’ve done – lots of time to pack and load the truck, great help, and plenty of time to unpack. We are on a path to downsizing/simplifying – I’ll be blogging about that soon. Since … [Read more…]

Astrological Surprises

A little over a week ago at a cohousing general meeting, Amber led an activity just to break up the policy discussions. She began by dividing us up by our birthday months – Jan/Feb here, Mar/Apr there, etc… As I joined my March/April groupies, I was shocked at the exclamations of “Oh, are you a … [Read more…]

Old Friends

Over the last few weeks I had the great opportunity to catch up with some longtime very close friends. This is Alan. I first met him in a combined concert band in which we were the only two french horn players. I was in grade 6, he was in grade 5. Since we were reunited … [Read more…]

Conspiracy or Inattention?

The kids got pyjamas for Christmas. An unnecessarily large tag had to be removed from the inside of the top so the kids could wear their new outfits comfortably. I don’t normally pay much attention to tags, but as I tore these out, I noticed the instructions to wash in English, French, & Spanish: wash … [Read more…]


This last weekend was spent playing board games with other board game enthusiasts at FallCon, here in Calgary. FallCon is an annual convention where multiple tournaments are held, used (and new) games are auctioned off, the Canadian Game Design award is presented, and attendees can borrow from a library of hundreds of games to play … [Read more…]

Radio Shoutout

I got mentioned on the radio this morning. The CBC Radio 1 morning show, The Calgary Eye Opener, put out a request for listeners to send them photos of them listening to the program so they could see what some of their listeners looked like as they listened. Amber took a shot of me eating … [Read more…]

I’m Behind

While I enjoy blogging, it’s the desire to be thorough and engaging that requires a bit more work than I tend to have time for. I am behind 49 movie posts in my Zaak Watches Movies blog (the picture above is a screen shot of the unpublished draft posts). I have 10 draft entries waiting … [Read more…]