The Constitution is 20 Years Old!

I wrote the Constitution of Zaakistan 20 years ago as an assignment in my Intro to Government course at CUC. I think it still holds up. Some of my students are planning to set up a Zaakistan Cultural Centre; this is a key element of the kingdom. Behold the Constitution of Zaakistan.

This American Life

Yesterday I completed a years long journey backward in time. My friend Jenn recommended that I check out the podcast of This American Life back in 2012. I checked it out a few months later during summer vacation and then began listening to it regularly during my commutes to work which involved walking and riding … [Read more…]


Forty years ago, with the assistance of a midwife, a small teenage girl in an off-grid log house built by her new husband gives birth to a healthy boy with a full moon in the sky and and love The young parents nurture the infant into a curious, thoughtful boy and give him two sisters to love. Together they attend church … [Read more…]

Zaakistan 2013

January Sick Day. Snow Day. Gaming weekend in Canmore. Concerts: Living with Lions, Whitehorse. Semester 1 ends: Math 10C, Math 20-2, Multi-Media February Dragonfly Cohousing Social Media Blitz. Man Scouts Beer Tasting. Demitor Visit in Edmonton. Peter turned 80 in High River. Semester 2 begins: Calculus, Math 30-2, Multi-Media.  March Mother-in-law visit. Turned 37. Fundraising … [Read more…]

Regrets & Pride

I was challenged a couple months ago to consider my regrets. Rather quickly several major regrets came to mind.  Reflecting on my greatest regrettable actions I encounter a disturbing revelation: I have really regretted doing things that primarily made me look bad. Sadly, even when those regrets have involved hurting another person, the reason I … [Read more…]

On Stage: The Hobbit

Richard Grafton, a theatre mastermind and teacher at my school, directed a production of Tolkien’s The Hobbit (play by Kim Selody) for the students back in February. He sent out an all call to the teachers to see if anyone was interested in being Smaug – the dragon. I eagerly volunteered. What a blast to … [Read more…]

2001-2010 Decade in Review

2001: Shave my head for the first time, work as a youth pastor at Red Willow Community Church in St Albert AB (Events: Just Shoot Me, Gerta’s Eclipse, and fall retreat in Nordegg), canoe the Mackenzie River in NT, camp at Elk Island National Park, attend plays at the Citadel Theatre, travel to Halifax NS … [Read more…]