Conspiracy or Inattention?

The kids got pyjamas for Christmas. An unnecessarily large tag had to be removed from the inside of the top so the kids could wear their new outfits comfortably. I don’t normally pay much attention to tags, but as I tore these out, I noticed the instructions to wash in English, French, & Spanish: wash … [Read more…]

Jigsaw Puzzles

My father bought me this M C Escher puzzle back in October. So, a couple weekends ago when Blaise said “let’s do a puzzle!!!” I thought of this 1000 piece one in the basement that I was saving for Christmas holidays and brought it upstairs. That Friday night, Blaise helped me sort the edge pieces … [Read more…]

CrossWord Puzzle for Canucks

This is my first complete 15 x 15 crossword puzzle. I’m enjoying the process of creating them after having solved them for a couple decades. Click for larger puzzle grid ACROSS DOWN 1. Scot family5. Infants10. Right away14. 40 phons15. Title character in The Hobbit16. Chaney and Chaney Jr.17. Choir voice18. To sing a la … [Read more…]

My Favourite Part of the Newspaper

We’ve been getting promotional deals on the Calgary Herald and then with the National Post off and on for the last 6 months. I enjoy reading a selection of articles, but my real fancy comes when I get to the puzzle section. The Post has a terrific Canadian crossword puzzle, and while I enjoy Will … [Read more…]

Some Blog Updates

For those faithful readers, I thought I would go back a few posts and provide an up-to-date report on some recent events (rather than post comments on 2-month-old posts): Frutas Extranjeras: Found out that the jocote is also known as the spondias mombin, the gully plum, the Spanish plum, the hog plum, the Ashanti plum, … [Read more…]

Frutas Extranjeras

I’ve been meaning to share some of the curious fruits I’ve found in the market. As usual, there are bananas, papayas, mangos, oranges, limes, lemons, pineapples, apples, berries, coconuts, apricots, melons, etc… all of which were recognizable to me, coming from Canada Then there are the alien fruits that for some reason are not marketed … [Read more…]