A Personal Update: Zaak aged 37 and 1/4

I’m involved in a lot of stuff. A lot. So I haven’t been a mental state to articulate thoughts on my experiences in Africa, recent beer tasting, cohousing activities, educational philosophy, political musings, musical tastes, and Christian thought. At least not on this blog. I have been in conversation about all of these things on … [Read more…]

Arriving at Kamuzu Airport

The second female president of an African nation happens to be flying in first class on my flight from Johannesburg to Lilongwe on April 1. Joyce Banda, president of Malawi, has just completed a several week foreign tour. As we land, I could see a large welcoming assembled on the tarmac. An announcement is made … [Read more…]

Scaling Down

The media response following the XL Foods in Brooks, AB shutdown over the last couple months has been a dominated by concerns to make food safer: more regulation, more measures to safeguard the quality of the meat. What is remarkable is the silence regarding the state of food production in Canada and the alarming trend … [Read more…]

I Can’t Not Check

I swore off American politics when Bush won his second term in Nov, 2004. This distaste was compounded by my reading Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival. Despite my earnest efforts to ignore the Nov, 2008 election, I was drawn in by Barak Obama’s charisma and the promise of a new era of U.S. foreign policy. Now, … [Read more…]

Alberta Votes 2012

I have to vote today I get to vote today in the Alberta provincial election which in many ways is has a more profound effect on my day-to-day life than the federal government has. The same political party, the Progressive Conservatives, have held power in Alberta since before I was born. For that reason, change is … [Read more…]

Dictatorship Artifacts

In sorting through stamps from the 1980s and 1990s from dozens of countries, I’m intrigued by the stamps that portray dictatorial leaders. Nearly all of them have been deposed since the stamps’ issuance and some have been in the news throughout the Arab Spring (Summer/Fall/Winter). For me these stamps represent a bygone era, like my … [Read more…]


A couple weeks ago, this graphic video surfaced of U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was quick to condemn the acts and the United States as a majority expressed disgust. There were some who said it was normal, acceptable and even important that Marines disgrace their … [Read more…]