In the Air in a Cessna C-172

A couple weeks ago my longtime friend Jeff “no relation” Robichaud took me up in a Cessna west of Calgary. Jeff and I have known each other since 1983. All those years, he’s demonstrated that he likes to master things. I think getting his pilot’s license a few years back is a vestige of having … [Read more…]

The Ambiguous Case of the Sine Law

Because the sine of angles between 0º and 180º is cyclical, in some occasions when calculating an angle of a non-right triangle using the sine law it is possible to produce two different solutions. The title of the grade 11 trigonometry lesson, “The Ambiguous Case of the Sine Law,” has always struck me as the possible title of a … [Read more…]

Twin Toddlers

My nephews at 21 months. I had not visited them since their first couple weeks. I am fascinated by their differences and their energy and their freshness. Aari is chubbier, relaxed, thoughtful. Beau is slight, dizzying, curious. Beau falls. Aari gives him his soother.


Forty years ago, with the assistance of a midwife, a small teenage girl in an off-grid log house built by her new husband gives birth to a healthy boy with a full moon in the sky and and love The young parents nurture the infant into a curious, thoughtful boy and give him two sisters to love. Together they attend church … [Read more…]

Plans for 2016

I’ve heard it said that it is proud to make plans since we could drop dead at any time or circumstances could thwart those plans or recognizing that good intentions don’t always lead to the best results. But recognizing all the things that could go sideways, plans can be grounded in hope, be buoyed in … [Read more…]

2015 in Review

Best Experiences: Witnessing the growth and maturity of my amazing children. Attending the Osheaga Music Festival with Blaise. Cycling the Lachine Canal with my family. Tracking down Heady Topper with April in Vermont. Studying through mathematical software and proofs during my first semester as a masters student. Racing from my job interview at CCS to get to … [Read more…]

Lessons as a Math Student

I teach math. I’m known as a hard teacher (my quizzes & tests aren’t easy). I expect my students to practice math daily. I expect them to ask questions when things aren’t clear. I expect them to engage the material and that the grades will follow as a result of authentically learning. I encourage them not … [Read more…]

Moved by Christmas Carols

I was first moved this season by a Christmas carol at Blaise and Acadia’s school Winter Celebration a couple weeks ago where home schoolers presented their various talents of martial arts, dancing, singing, comedy, sketches, and playing instruments. Two young brothers played their violin and piano duet of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Still reeling from … [Read more…]