5 weeks, now 3

Oh man. This has been a whirlwind summer. I haven’t had time to think of the next 3 weeks. So we had a great time in Montreal. Groovy place! I miss it even now. Tennis is the rain. Food that I’ve never heard of before. Quick friends. Gosh. And then to Acadie. Grande-Memere could make … [Read more…]

Ester Buck Violated

A/Some vandal(s) pryed open my car door and stole some iPod attachments and a tripod a week and a half ago. My immediate feelings were that of being violated. How aweful that someone would feel free to break my property and go into my space. Now I’m just inconvenienced because my car is no longer … [Read more…]

AH! Holidays!

It is so good to be done work. Well…. I still have to type up my report cards, which I will do quickly in the morning. Jobs go fast when I’m almost finished. My 10 year high school reunion is coming up next weekend. I’ve been thinking of shaving down to a moustache for the … [Read more…]

Ester Buck is sick

Just six months until The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition DVD is released. Patience precious. Our car is in the garage. The ache of a broken car. I remember stopping at a gas station in Red Deer with my first car just after registering it. I was driving it … [Read more…]